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9,846 sqft
Cat B Office Fit-Out

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Trust Payments

Project type: cat b office fit-out
Floor space: 9,846 sqft
Location: bromley

Trust Payments is a global unified payments group for global pay-in, pay-out and customer journey technologies. With eleven international offices and 15 supported languages, Trust Payments supports businesses to optimise their sales and customer experience around the world. Together we designed and built a new, unrivalled office space to match their leading-edge services.

Enaflo Interiors

The Shoreditch Look

Behind the façade of historical buildings in the area, the new office space follows Shoreditch’s industrial, creative and impressive architectural roots, fitting right in with the long line of worldwide renowned examples of great interior design.

Enaflo Interiors
Enaflo Interiors

The Build

With three main spaces throughout the office, we were able to cover all needs that Trust Payments has asked us to address. The multifunctional area 1 is fully equipped for holding events and training, while also being able to be used as a mix of collaboration and breakout areas. In order to achieve this level of functionality, sliding folding partitions have been built in so three spaces can be opened up into one if needed.

Enaflo Interiors

We have intentionally left area 2 open plan to leave space for hot desking as well as permanent staff positions. This is broken up by clever positioned storage units, hidden away under planters. Throughout you will find brick slip and artificial living walls, decorations featuring moss and ​​crittal style glass partitions, reflecting the clear transparency the business has with its clients.

The third portion, the large central breakout area, incorporates comfortable touch down areas with soft seating for the ultimate relaxing break between shifts. Fully functional tea points and inspiring graphics and artwork will make it easier for the employees to detach for their breaks, and be ready to perform refreshed after.

Enaflo Interiors

Key Elements

  • Crittal style glass partitions
  • Sliding folding partitions
  • Moss feature walls
  • Brick slip and artificial living walls
  • Tea points
  • Graphics and artwork
  • Floor finishes
  • Decorations
  • Mechanical, electrical and data services.

The branding is following through the whole space, with green fabric colour on furniture and signage to keep the workplace inspiring.

Enaflo Interiors
Enaflo Interiors