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Environmental Policy

General Statement

It is the decision of the directors to implement our environmental policy by:

  • Addressing all environmentally related legislation
  • Complying with all Industry Approved Codes of Practice wherever practicable
  • Ensuring the most efficient use of natural resources by minimising waste and conserving energy and water
  • Seeking to employ the most environmentally friendly but practical forms of transport and encouraging such practices that will minimise transport requirements as far as practicable
  • Securing the use of licensed tips or specialist companies for the disposal of waste and hazardous materials
  • Continually exercising such practices necessary to maintain a clean and tidy place of work, minimising the use of procedures or actions likely to produce high level noise or other environmental pollution, or where not practicable, by safely modifying such procedures to minimise the effect
  • Having at all times, due regard for the safety, welfare and convenience of the client, neighbours and members of the public
  • Maintaining a continuing dialogue with employees to keep them abreast of changes in legislation, work methods and policy requirements
  • Conveying the policy requirements to subcontractors and suppliers
  • Operating a policy of continual review to ensure the effectiveness of the policy and procedures.