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The World is Full of Gimmicks

The World is Full of Gimmicks

The world of office design is where all the gimmicks in the world get together to hunker down and network, brainstorm and hot-desk.

The reason why office design is full of gimmicks – whether they be hardware-based, space-solution-based or workflow-based – is because there’s a fundamental truth to every company, and everyone is chasing the same goals: happier staff, longer turnaround, more productivity and ultimately, more profit. In essence, you could say this universal truth of business creates a market of potential suckers, as there’s never a stupid idea until it’s been proved to be a stupid idea, and the truth of business history has proved there are very thin, often invisible lines between stupid ideas and world-beating, business-redefining ideas – the difference usually comes in the real world application of those ideas.

But, if the fundamental truths of business mean there’s a ready market of potential suckers for every gadget, gizmo, space-filler or ergonomic happiness-enhancer, new research from furniture company Haworth suggests that finding the right design for your office, your business and your workforce will do more for your business than any number of funky slides, ping pong tables or zen zones.  

The research was presented at Orgatec, a trade fair for office and property equipment and facilities.

Haworth said its research had involved more than 2,000 office workers at businesses across the USA and other countries, and found that workplace design can help employees feel happier in two ways – by making them feel that their employer values them, and by helping them focus on their work.

Henning Figge, vice-president of Haworth Europe, said: ‘A careful curation of furnishings, colours, materials and lighting, combined with acoustics and the integration of technology, can transform surroundings from a beautiful and memorable space into a destination where people go because it makes them feel good or be more productive. A place for work.’

The trick of course is ensuring you have a good enough handle on what your business needs are, and what your staff’s needs are, to build your office design so that it actively meets both sets of needs and helps both your workforce and your bottom line.

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