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Happy Office Workers

Happy Office Workers

We all know by now that office design is a key factor in ensuring happy officeworkers – and that happy officeworkers are productive, helpful, solution-finding officeworkers.

As much as goodwill and innovation, the happiness of your officeworkers is a hallmark of your business success, and will help you achieve more with your company.

That means you need to put the time, the effort and the money into getting your office design right for your workers.

We’ve also all seen the reports that say ‘x’ is the new way to design your way to happy officeworkers, or ‘y’ will boost productivity levels.

How do you tell the sales pitches from the genuinely useful innovations?
Well, you could always ask 2,000 officeworkers what they think about their working environment. Or you could let office search engine Office Genie do that for you. Oh – too late, they have done.

A new Office Genie survey of 2,000 UK office workers revealed which factors genuinely contribute most to workplace happiness. Workplace design came out on top with employees indicating the right design can boost their happiness by a whopping 33%.
By comparison, other factors such as temperature (5%), light (6%), noise (8%), and social interaction levels (8%) are reported as having a very limited impact.

The question of how workplace design makes officeworkers happy is where all the many reports come in – essentially, the trick seems to be about meeting the specific needs of your particular staff and their roles. Do you have a majority of creative, extrovert staff who need to brainstorm? If so, breakout spaces will be your friend and bring you dividends. Do you have a lot of introverted data-crunchers? If so, make sure your design has enough focus-space, removed from the idea of open planning as far as possible. Allowing the outside in seems to benefit practically everyone, so think about natural light, indoor green spaces and the like .

Another potential game changer when it comes to keeping your staff content is flexible working, with participants indicating the ability to work from home can increase workplace happiness by 12%.

Peter Ames, head of strategy at Office Genie, said the data showed exactly why dull and dreary offices have become outdated. ‘In the modern workplace, where things such as flexible working are increasingly at the forefront of workers’ concerns, we’d urge an even stronger focus on factors such as design and layout.’

If you want to make your staff happy, talk to Enaflo about getting the balance right between friendliness and innovation to deliver what your company needs.

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