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Bottom Line Design

Design for Older Workers

Happy Employees are Productive Employees - Why Not Redesign Your Workspace!

An article on the Guardian website by Debra Lehman Smith claims office design can have a profound impact on an organisation's culture, staff productivity – and the company's bottom line.


Thinking Outside The Cube

Co-Working Trend Started in the US and spread to the UK

It is a truism in the design business that trends, once established, tend to go global. With that in mind, a new trend in US interior office design is worth keeping at least one eye on – the trend towards ‘CoWorking Centres’.



Inspiring Office Design Can Cure Monday Misery

Inspiring Office Design Can Cure Monday Misery

The London Evening Standard Online is reporting what perhaps had been suspected by office interior designers for some time: a well-designed office interior space can not only combat the pull of home working, but can even make people keen to come in on a drab Monday morning.


Key To Perfect Office Design?

Balancing The Needs of Your 'Verts

A research firm specialising in working environments has said that over 40% of workers don't have some of the key elements they need to be productive in their offices.


Tip 02 / Print Stations

Print Stations are a great way to conceal multiple printers, photocopiers and other hardware in one central location – especially in open plan offices.


Design For Older Workers and Everyone Reaps the Benefits

Design for Older Workers

New Demographics New Workspace

New research shows that challenges faced by older workers are shared by younger colleagues in the workplace – so designing office spaces with senior colleagues in mind would benefit the whole workforce.


Great Office Design

It’s In The Neuroscience

Great Office Design

Entrepreneur Magazine online has revealed new research that brings neuroscience, social science and behavioural science together to revolutionise workspace design.

The research suggests that higher ceilings promote higher performance in conceptual thinking, while lower ceilings are better for mathematical thinking, for instance.


Startups Add Quirk to Office Design

Startups Add Quirk to Office Design

If you’re looking for the curve in interior design, then following the line of business startups is often the way to go: companies that are finding new ways to drive creativity and productivity through their office design and the way they utilise their space can teach lessons to those who find their drive is dipping.


Office Interior Design To Stem Home Working?

A BBC radio series looking at the history of the office has claimed that the trend towards home working is fundamentally changing the interior design of office spaces – to make them more like our homes.


Case Study / Teletext Holidays

Case Study / Teletext Holidays

Our latest Client Case Study.

View this case study here.


Step Away From The Slide – Wacky Office Design Could Harm Your Business

Design for Older Workers

The trend towards ‘wacky’ office design, started, as were so many things, by Google, could be coming to an end, according to Richard Kauntze, chief executive of the British Council for Offices (BCO).


The Tweaker’s Guide To Better Office Design

The Tweaker’s Guide To Better Office Design

In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about complete redesigns with bouncy castles and burger bars in the urban office to combat the allure of the home-working option. But social media hotspot Mashable.com says office interior designers – and indeed their clients – don’t need to go expensively nuts to boost worker productivity and happiness.


Designing The Inhabitable Smartphone

Designing The Inhabitable Smartphone

The Huffington Post began October by asking whether the UK is becoming an office of office-phobes.

In the Blog section of the now-famous news website, Michael Berndt Bayer, President of Avaya EMEA, acknowledged the growing culture of work as ‘something we do, not somewhere we go’, and the home-working revolution in its many forms, but claimed companies that simply gave up on office design and office-based capabilities were set to miss several high-tech tricks.


Tip 03 / Flowers

Brighten up your client facing areas such as Receptions and Meeting Rooms with vibrant fresh flowers, thus creating a positive corporate image.


Tip 01 / Word Clouds

Transform a blank wall into an eye catching feature with a Word Cloud.

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