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Squabbling Building Syndrome

The space currently - check back soon to see the transformation!

Do you find yourself squabbling with your co-workers? It could be down to your office design, according to new research from Sweden.

A recent study shows that - particularly for women - the risk of conflict at work increases in so-called combi- and flex-offices.


Go Beyond Design Trends

Go Beyond Design Trends

A new article by Carson Tate in Fast Company magazine is highlighting four key areas to office design that go beyond the flim-flam and faddishness of modern creative design concepts.


NLA Appoint Enaflo to Undertake Office Fit-Out

NLA Appoint Enaflo to Undertake Office Fit-Out

NLA media access is a publisher owned rights licensing and database business, providing access to and license the re-use of publishers' content. NLA licences contribute to a vibrant UK media and support journalism.


The Office of the Chairless

chairless offices

When Ryanair announced it would be offering ‘standing’ tickets on some of its flights, the world went more than a little crazy, because the idea of a seat was so fundamental to the idea of air travel.

That being so, imagine an office with no chairs.


Councils Storm Best Office Design Awards

The British Council for Offices Awards

Number One Riverside, Rochdale

The British Council for Offices (BCO) handed out awards in October for the ‘best and most innovative’ workplaces in the UK, following a series of regional awards – and two new council offices took top spots.

The BCO said the awards represented the best in ‘visionary office design and functionality’ across the country.


Talkin’ ’bout Your Generations

The space currently - check back soon to see the transformation!

With an ageing population working longer into what would previously have been their retirement years, and workers from several generations from Baby Boomers, through Generations X, Y and T (Generation Twitter) all likely to be working together in the same office environments, Tamy Cozier in Metropolis Magazine Online asks a very pertinent question.


Boosting Workplace Creativity By Design

Boosting Workplace Creativity By Design

Designing office space needn’t be rocket science, according to Jonathan Dawes in Management Today. There are a handful of simple tips to follow. You don’t need to spend a fortune on slides and rest pods – just deliver the things that make sense for your staff.


Enforce and Strengthen Branding in your Workplace

Reinforce and Strengthen Interiors Design Branding

Enaflo Interiors work on office space design for a many highly profile companies, so we thought it was a good time to take a deeper look at the importance of office branding to reinforce a company core ideals and philsophy and motivate the employees. There is always a lot of talk about branding, and rightly so, but what exactly does it mean? What are the real effects of helping establish a strong brand? And how does interior design tie into this?


Open-Planners Driven To Distraction

Open-planners driven to distraction

New research from UK office equipment company Expert Market has found that 54 per cent of British workers would prefer their own office space to working in a sprawling open-plan space. What’s more, open planners are driven to distraction, as it claims that open-plan spaces offer too many distractions to allow people to work effectively.


Research Defines Office Design Of The Future

Office Design of the Future

The modern office can be as diverse as the modern market economy

Taking all the homeworkers out of the equation, even an organisation’s head office can be customised to its particular market niche and needs – creative thinkers might have offices full of video games and ping pong and slides (thank you Google). As a result, the modern office can be as diverse as the modern market economy.


Project For Enterprise Foundation

The space currently - check back soon to see the transformation!

Enaflo Interiors has started on-site for business support company, The Enterprise Foundation.


Facebook Moves into New Frank Gehry-designed HQ.

Facebook Moves into New Frank Gehry-designed HQ.

In April 2015, Facebook finally moved into its new Frank Gehry-designed headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. This new 433,555-square-foot headquarters features a large single floor plan that houses approximately 2,800 employees.


Five Office Design Trends for 2015

office design trends

Business competition is becoming tougher and pressure is increasing. 70% of people still work in traditional, inflexible, cubicles, although flexibility is now required driven by the rapid development of information and communication technologies.

Five major trends dominate the new workplace and are shaping the planning and design of tomorrow’s offices.


First Title appoint Enaflo

Number One Riverside, Rochdale

We are delighted to be undertaking a 7,000 sq ft office design and fit-out project on the 2nd floor of First Title's new premises in Sevenoaks, Kent.


Creating A Very Long Engagement

The Evolution of the Modern Office

Office Design of the Future

The evolution of the modern office is featured in the August issue of The Entrepreneur magazine which focuses on the evolution of the modern office in the US. The article claims that the office of the future won’t be concerned so much with trappings or technology, as with ‘employee engagement’ – which some experts are calling ‘the new sustainability.’ As the US currently leads the world in office design philosophy, it’s a concept that may be on its way around the world in the next year or so and herald in a new dawn in the evolution of the modern office.

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