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Workplace Interior Design

We know how to make a lasting impression. Our workplace interior design solutions work for your staff and your clients, ensuring your office space is both inspirational and functional.

A well-designed work environment makes for a happier, more motivated team. We work within the basic constraints of the building and look at the ways staff work together, job functions and practices like hot-desking. We also take into account new or existing furniture to create a space that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Efficient, effective workspaces

In the last 10 years, technology has revolutionised the way we work. At Enaflo, we’re constantly researching the latest products and developing innovative ideas to ensure your workspace is as effective as possible for a modern business. Things like hot-desking, storage management, space saving and desk structure helps make the most of smaller offices and allow your staff to work in a comfortable environment.

Enaflo Interiors

Creating your commercial interior design

Following your initial brief, we’ll create AutoCAD plans of your design which show you the layout, along with 3D visuals, mood boards and samples of finishes and fabrics to really help you visualise your new office interior.

We’ll also identify foot traffic flows, meeting spaces, storage, equipment location, power and data points and any soundproofing requirements. We’ll incorporate your branding throughout the space with special attention given to client-facing areas like receptions and boardrooms. Every last detail will be checked and checked again.

Once the plans are approved, we can take the work through to fit-out using our experienced and highly qualified project management team. We’ll ensure your approved design is reflected at the implementation stage, giving you the best value for money and creating a workspace that meets your exact requirements.

Services include:

Workplace Consultancy
3D Visuals
Incorporating Your Brand
Project Management
Complete Office Fit Out
Office Relocation

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