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In the wake of the Government slowly easing restrictions on the country’s lockdown measures, for many of us, it will be back to business as usual – but as we know, living a new kind of normal alongside COVID-19, at least for the foreseeable future.

When staff return to their desks and visitors make their way to the boardroom, is your workplace prepared to work in harmony with the changes that lay ahead?

A Practical Framework

The Government has published guidance (11/05/20) well worth reading for working safely during COVID-19 in office and contact centres. It provides practical considerations on how to apply such measures i.e.

  1. Thinking about risk
  2. Who should go to work
  3. Social distancing at work
  4. Managing your customers, visitors and contractors
  5. Cleaning the workplace
  6. PPE
  7. Workforce management
  8. Inbound and outbound goods
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Your Toolbox

Whether you’re already at work or preparing to return, we can help to kit out your workplace to support both you and your staff’s health and wellbeing throughout this pandemic with:

  • Signage
  • Office reconfigurations
  • Pods
  • Protective screens
  • Floor markings
  • Handwashing stations
  • Sanitiser stations
  • Space planning
Enaflo Interiors

Next steps

Get in touch with us via our contact page, or simply drop us a line below, we have both skilled tradesmen and specialist suppliers at hand.

Our site teams work under strict COVID-19 health and safety measures, with full project-specific RAMS in place so that when on-site, we operate the very safest control methods.

Thank you, we’ll get back to you soon!
Be safe and stay alert.