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office relocation

If your office refurbishment involves a move to new premises, we can help with our complete office relocation package. Our experienced removal company will supply crates, pack up your office and set things up in your new space. We can even create removal plans to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If needed, we can also arrange for any existing office partitioning to be used in your new office. Our service includes furniture dismantling and relocation, schedule of dliapidations and if required, extending office partitioning to accommodate your new working environment, saving you both time and money.

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Office Dilapidations

Office relocation usually means commercial dilapidations clauses demand you leave your old office space as you found it. We ensure our relocation plans incorporate a detailed schedule of dilapidations or if required, restoration of the space to the landlords or tenants agreed schedule of condition.
We’ve completed many dilapidation projects, working closely with tenants, landlords and surveyors. Please chat to us about if you need to consider dilapidations as part of your office relocation we can provide advice to ensure a smooth office move.

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