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Visualising your space

Our workplace consultancy begins with listening to your vision and taking a detailed brief of your needs – things like business objectives, current and future working practices, operational and cultural issues, number of staff members and how they work together, technical requirements and future expansion. We look at all these factors, as well as the all-important budget and timescale, to create the best office design for you.

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Planning your space

The design of workspaces is often undervalued. The right space can make a considerable contribution to a company’s success. Today and in the future, workspace design is the key to attracting new talents, maximizing productivity and gaining competitive advantage.

One of the most important parts of creating your design is understanding the way your business works.

We will carry out a full survey of your building, including a complete furniture audit if your existing furniture is to be used within your new design. We will also incorporate Building Regulation requirements for things like escape routes, traffic flows and DDA regulations. We’ll think about storage needs, equipment locations, sound proofing, mechanical, power, data and lighting services.

Evaluating your space

By evaluating your existing and/or proposed premises, we can help you decide whether you really need to move into that bigger building, or if you could optimise your current space and make the most of your budget. If you do decide a move is for you, we’ll help you choose the right premises that meets your needs and works for your business.
We can help with your office refurbishment or commercial interior design.

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