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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

enafloenvironmentalEnaflo interiors specialise in the design and space planning of commercial interiors, as well as installation project management (refurbishment and furnishing), to the UK market.  The principle environmental aspects associated with our activities are the use of energy during the design phase, the use of transport, interior building materials, lighting and coatings during the installation phase, and the generation and management of site wastes.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution and attach great importance to our environmental performance which we will continually seek to improve. We will achieve this through regular management reviews and project audits to ensure that this policy is up to date and appropriate and that our objectives are achieved and re-assessed.

We will monitor the significant environmental aspects of our operations and seek to minimise their negative impacts on the environment.  We will achieve this by:


•    seeking to reduce our energy use,
•    increasing the use of sustainable and low energy products,
•    minimising the production of site wastes.

We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation and where possible set performance targets to improve upon these legal minimum requirements.

Employee involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and is promoted through the regular appraisal of working methods.  All staff, approved suppliers and sub-contractors will be made fully aware of this policy, any future changes to it, how it relates to their particular duties and the responsibilities it places on them individually.

Where appropriate we will invite the input of our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, neighbours and members of the local community and consider their concerns when establishing environmental improvement measures. We will also seek to encourage our customers, suppliers, and sub-contractors to improve their own environmental performance by communicating details of our programmes and successes and outlining what we consider to be minimum acceptable environmental standards.

The Board of Directors and senior management are committed to the implementation of this policy, will authorise the necessary resources to ensure its success and will give full backing to all those authorised to carry it out.

Tracey Green
Managing Director

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